Action Awakening Products

Have you ever felt sleepy or try hard to stay awake? 

The first series of action gum products is the “awake series”. They do magic when you feel sleepy and tired. After using the action gum, you’ll feel your batteries recharged and surprisingly feel cool. The awake series contain awakening components. Two pieces of action awake series bring you an energized feeling as if you have had a cup of coffee. Action chewing gum makes you wake up really fast. It is even faster than coffee or energy drinks. If you are a driver, student or clerk and are doing high levels of physical and mental activities, You will definitely be a fan of this product. Action awakening gum deals with your emotions. The awake series consists of four tastes in shaker top boxes. The tastes are taken from natural events like Volcano, Deluge, Rime and Blizzard. By using the awake series, you feel what may be inspired by natural events. Yes, action awake series makes you closer to your emotions.


Action awakening Cool Eucalyptus gum (Rime)

How do you feel by looking at Rime? A cool soft and fresh feeling. This delightful and cool taste of mint implies fresh and cool feeling of Rime as well as a unique taste and great feeling in the mouth. 


Action awakening Fire Mint gum (Volcano)

Have you ever imagined an active Volcano? So Hot and Lively.

Action pepper flavored gum acts like a Volcano. It increases the body metabolism and makes you feel different totally. Eye catching materials of pepper have been used in this gum creating exceptional and delightful taste. Action peppermint gum invites you to a day full of joy and action.


Action awakening Super Sour gum (Deluge)

When we think of Deluge, we imagine a great deal of water stampeding. This is exactly what happens by action Lime and sour apple gum! Its taste creates a new and exciting taste and the sour ingredients increase the saliva like a deluge and makes a very special experience.


Action awakening cool mint gum (Blizzard)

Blizzard means hard and a severely cold snow. We have made action eucalyptus identical to Blizzard. The Unique taste of eucalyptus as well as its great cool taste will recharge your batteries and make your mouth fresh, smooth and fragrant.

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